29 July 2011

a scheduled absence

Dear Readers (or should I call you Viewers?),

I've officially moved and one of the pains of moving, besides stubbed toes and sore muscles, is doing without some modern conveniences for a while, specifically access to the inter-web.  Therefore, my (somewhat) prompt daily posts will probably become weekly for the next few weeks while we wait on our internet connection to be hooked up. If I can find time to make it to a cafe with free wireless I will surely post, but I don't want to make promises I most likely won't be able to keep. I apologize for this change in your regularly scheduled programming.
But just in case you can't possibly bear to not know what is going on my life here's what you might expect to see in the not-so-near-future on this blog: food (seriously, I love food), friends (my oldest friend is finally coming to visit me this weekend and I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a picture of us hugging with big cheesy smiles on our faces just like we were five again), the apartment, flattened boxes, Winnemac Park (I think my love affair with the Lake will be transferred to this park with its field of wild flowers), the apartment (it's huge and I love it!), food (duh), and my new neighborhood!

Until the interweb gods find me, I am,
very truly yours,

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