31 May 2011

364th Day

"Home could be the Pennsylvania Turnpike..." but we're sure glad it's not! 
Same with Allentown. This was a Billy Joel themed roadtrip. 

Day 364

Another summer in Monmouth -- what was I thinking?
I love it here, I really do. But I need a vacation.

Day 363

Dear Tablespoon...Some of your recipes are utterly ridiculous! But my sister and I couldn't resist this humorous (and too fun) spaghetti and sausage recipe!

30 May 2011

363rd Day

Memorial Day at the Pike County Courthouse. The flags surrounding the Square is one of my most favorite traditions.

Also, it's official - summer is here and the Halpin pool is open for business!

29 May 2011

362nd Day

Sunday lunch with my grandparents, parents, and uncle. We all missed Gavin though.
My grandma came with gifts - new aprons hot off her sewing machine!

Day 362

Columbines in the backyard. I love being home.

Day 361

Saturday morning breakfast in Monmouth...

361st Day

I'm so glad I made it home in time to celebrate the accomplishments of these two young men. I can't believe they're college graduates! 

28 May 2011

Day 360

I love new music on my iTunes! Especially from Glee!

27 May 2011

360th Day

Someone made this lil guy's day. 
Again with the vibrant purple!

Day 359

Microwave popcorn straight out of the bag -- that's how I roll.

26 May 2011

359th Day

I love the vibrant purple color of cabbage.

25 May 2011

Day 358

It was a stormy afternoon/evening in Illinois. The Civil Wars provided the soundtrack to my night. I thought I might get swept up in a twister when I left my apartment, but I survived to enjoy some good food (more burgers and corn on the cob!) and good company!

358th Day

My new favorite mug from Beech, ND and the awesome graduation gift from my mum!

24 May 2011

Day 357

Summer's here! Turkey burgers and corn on the cob (and carrots...but they aren't important).

357th Day

I love reading when I'm on the bus. I almost missed my stop today because I was so engrossed in the book I'm currently reading.

Day 356

Chocolate was a must on this Monday night...

356th Day

A lovely May afternoon on a quaint street.

22 May 2011

Day 355

We finally got a graduation picture together!
It hailed at my sister's graduation! But the sun came out afterwards so we could get a picture with the valedictorian!

355th Day

This adorable couple made my morning as I sat and enjoyed the warmth by the lake. 
 Aren't they the cutest thing?
And this gelato made my afternoon! Blackberry Cabernet, Cranberry Orange, and Mango. So good!

Day 354

It was my sister's last band concert. She's the one in the sweet red heels. Of course, I cried. I'm such a weeper.
But the irises are starting to bloom in our backyard!
And we still have a million cupcakes left to eat!

354th Day

We are party planning pros.

21 May 2011

Day 353

My sister and I both graduated this year and tonight was our party!

There were cupcakes galore! And a bonfire too!

And plenty of friends. And the first meeting of the Rapture Club (long story...but ask though, it's hilarious) at Applebees at midnight. Quote of the night, after seeing a strange (and Narnia-esque) creature with a beaver tail and tusks cross the road, "If a minotaur comes out, I'm done. I'm going back to Applebees."

Day 352

My days now require two pots of coffee: one before work and one when I get home/before I head out to job #2.

20 May 2011

19 May 2011

352nd Day

Gaaahhhh!!! It's a Cyclops potato! Hide your children and run away!!!
Real strawberry shortcake compliments of Ms. Swicegood.

18 May 2011

351st Day

Dinner with three of my most favorite women in the world. 

Day 351

Sorting keys = story of my life.

17 May 2011

350th Day

For the past month or so I have spent my Tuesday afternoons tutoring first graders at Lincoln Elementary School.  I generally love it, but today confirmed that I will not become an elementary school teacher. 
Lord bless them!

Day 350

My head hitting the pillow has never sounded so good. After looking at paper from 9 am to 8 pm, I can hardly keep my eyes open. Gute nacht, y'all!

Day 349

I spent more money at the grocery store than ever before. Welcome to the real world, Grebner. But I've been surviving on stale bread and reduced fat peanut butter (it sounds like it would be a good thing -- but it's not. Stick to regular. Seriously.) so it's a good thing. Now I have plenty of things to eat -- like tortellini (my favorite!)

16 May 2011

349th Day

Don't worry, these books aren't for school. 
Let's hope I can remember how to read for fun!

15 May 2011

348th Day

We ask that you now refer to us as Master Halpin and Master Van Anden, respectively. 

I'm so proud of this momma-to-be.
 And this brilliant one.
 And this guy I've know since he was twelve. 

347th Day

One of the best bits about graduating... fresh flowers. 

Day 348

Commencement was held indoors today at Monmouth College (unfortunately).
I still gave my Farewell Address. And I was still nervous.
I'm the first person in my family to graduate from college.
And I was excited to share this day with my family and friends
Best. Weekend. Ever.