21 May 2011

Day 353

My sister and I both graduated this year and tonight was our party!

There were cupcakes galore! And a bonfire too!

And plenty of friends. And the first meeting of the Rapture Club (long story...but ask though, it's hilarious) at Applebees at midnight. Quote of the night, after seeing a strange (and Narnia-esque) creature with a beaver tail and tusks cross the road, "If a minotaur comes out, I'm done. I'm going back to Applebees."


  1. Ooooooh...can there be a larger photo of the cupcakes? And did you take a picture of the beaver-betailed creature?
    And ok, I'll bite: please tell us about the Rapture Club,

  2. I bet it's because the world is supposed to end today...

  3. I think I might have another photo of the cupcakes!

    And no, there is defnitely not a picture of the strange creature we saw on our drive to Applebees. It was standing next to the railroad tracks and we were not stopping!

    Paige, you're right about the Rapture Club. We were sitting in Applebees when the clock struck midnight, so we called the first (and what we thought would be the last meeting) of the Rapture Club to order. AC/DC was playing on the radio, followed by Dance Like It's the Last Night of Your Life. And the moon was an ominous orange color. But the appetizers were half price!