30 June 2011

Back Home on Day 29

Home sweet home to take care of my sister after her surgery.
I foresee a lot of jigsaw puzzles and movies.


Besides getting to see my friend's new apartment, surviving the hail storm while driving on Lake Shore Drive, and it being the last day in June, the best part of today was getting an email from President Barack Obama. Yeah, he was asking for money, but listen, we've met - we're tight (I've a photo and autograph to prove it); this email could be legit. 
A girl can dream can't she?
Also, check out my sweet weather related background in Gmail. The lightining earlier was about like that!

Day 28 {in Indiana}

Road Trip to Indiana
{to sign my lease!!!}
Best. Bumper. Sticker. Ever.
{No Tea For Me, Thanks. I Prefer Progress.}
Mother Bear's Pizza
{for 5 bucks}
Hanging in front of the Lilly Library.
{I'm in love.}

Badminton on Day 27

Pool badminton that is. After our failed attempt at grilling turkey burgers. The charcoal grill is not my friend.

29 June 2011


 Free ice cream handed out to promote a movie I'll never see - don't mind if I do!
 A stroll through Laurie Garden in Millennium Park. 
Sorry, I just couldn't decide which photo I liked best so I thought I'd share them all. 

28 June 2011


The folks at Goodwill should be happy with my recent cleaning spree.  

27 June 2011

Running on Day 26

I'm still in love with my bright green/yellow running shoes. Even if they aren't so bright anymore. Two runs a day is tough on my shoes, but I've never felt better!


So long, Nikon. Hello, Canon. 

26 June 2011

The Thunder Rolls on Day 25

It was a dark and stormy night in Monmouth...
Perfect for being lazy and reading all evening.
{Or for taking up Ark construction}


Location: Foster Beach. Time: Sunset 
Plot: A game of catch.
Cousin: Halpo.

Classmate: K. Frere.
Golden Birthday Boy: Berg.
Female Cousin: Pamphlet
Photo credit: G.S. Bergstrand.


A golden birthday surprise party wouldn't be complete without a ukulele cake.
Or a surprise reunion performance of Sicsam for the birthday boy.
And time with a lovely friend who was the mastermind behind the elaborate party.


Dad, can I get one of these???

Day-tripping on Day 24

French toast kabobs. Made by yours truly.
And then we were off to LeClaire, Iowa -- home of the History Channel show American Pickers and their store, Antique Archeology. I kept singing The Music Man song, "Iowa Stubborn." It seemed fitting. Besides the fact that I wanted to get gas in Iowa (because it's 30 cents cheaper!), but couldn't find a station with out a line, I loved this little town across the river!

24 June 2011

Day 23: Friday Frolfing

A round of frisbee golf con mi hermana.


Here's to celebrating last days at crappy jobs and new days at awesome ones - congrats, DLP!

23 June 2011

Day 22 {is a mystery}

The Number 1 Thing I Love About Summer: Reading books that I actually want to read. I'm on a mystery/detective fiction kick right now. And this Sherlock Holmes pastiche series is positively perfect. I truly am enjoying re-reading these books. I've been able to pick up on so much more the second time around!

22 June 2011


Foiled! Back to searching - will you be our new home? 
I want an apartment-granting genie in a lamp.

Wimbledon on Day 21

Watching Wimbledon + Eton Mess = Perfect Lunch Break.
My own take on the Wimbledon tradition -- I swapped out the creme for ice cream. Now I just need to get my hands on some Pimms.


I guess Mother Nature wasn't happy with the first astronomical day of summer. 

21 June 2011

Day 20 = Scrabble-ing

I love Scrabble.
Especially when it involves watching Jeopardy, enchiladas, and Coronas. But today, I met my match in one very educational game.

20 June 2011


We conquered our fears and rode the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. 
I can't wait to visit these two in Arizona!

In the kitchen on Day 19

25 minute run. 50 pushups. And what do I decide to do when I'm done? Bake a cake -- cake pops to be precise. I had to break in my new matryoshka measuring cups.

19 June 2011


Dinner with fabulous friends who make me laugh out loud. These two have been absent from my life for far too long. I'm glad we've a few days together to remedy this absence.

Day 18 {Father's Day Flashback}

My dad is rad..
In Tennessee (I think?) Can I just say that I love the look on my face?
That's us in Florida. I'm rockin' red socks with my sandals. Sweet style for a one year old.
Happy Father's Day, Pops!

18 June 2011


My darling mother sent me this photograph this morning and I just had to share.

At Home on Day 17...

Southbound. Windows down. And I know I'm almost home when I pass under this train bridge. About five minutes...unless I get stuck behind a tractor.
We named her Nuisance. Despite her name, I kinda like her.

Covert Ops on Day 16

Operation Rhubarb commenced at 1200 hours. Mission accomplished.
I love my job.
Nothing beats a brand spankin' new box of colored pencils. Especially when I'm using them to make the most awesome Father's Day card...ever.


Almost like Christmas in June.

16 June 2011


*Fingers crossed* this will be our new home in a little over a month!

Ballin' on Day 15

I still got it...

Day 14: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

A stormy Wednesday morning gave way to a beautiful evening. An unexpected dinner invitation totally made my day. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my entire life.

15 June 2011


Mmmmm... Falafill falafel =)