28 February 2011

Day 272

This could quite possibly be the best Chicago Cubs shirt ever made. I've been looking for one for almost a year now, and I finally got one for my birthday!
Here's Hope's history lesson of the day: Wrigley Field was built in 1914. Back then it was known as Weeghman Park and the Chicago Whales played there (but, that's beside the point). From 1914 to 1988 only day games were played at The Friendly Confines (except for that one time that the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League played their all star game under temporary lights in 1943). So these shirts, created in the late 1980s were protesting the installation of stadium lights.

27 February 2011

271st Day

After a day spent reading in the Donovan Reading Room (aka the Harry Potter Room)
it was Oscar party time at Matt and Laura's!   

Day 271

Tonight, I played a little long distance Oscar Bingo with my sister. I'm pretty sure my entire card was filled up by the end. Colin Firth, I love you and I would marry you tomorrow (if you weren't old enough to be my dad). I'm so happy that Mr. Firth and The King's Speech won! His performance moved me to tears and they so deserved all the awards!

26 February 2011

Day 270

Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake overnighted from Washignton, DC, dinner at Chipotle, and shopping! What a wonderful Saturday at home con mi familia!

270th Day

A lazy, snowy Saturday filled with a trip to the library, Starbucks with a roommate while we waited on the mechanic, roommate field trip to Target, and an evening at home where I'm back to the books.  
Days like these remind me to slow down and love and be with those close to me who keep me sane and keep me going. I can't fully express my gratitude. 

25 February 2011

269th Day

We have a lot of pretty random things in the archives. My favorite? This huge picture taken of the inside of a priest's car with the Chicago skyline out the window and on the dashboard are various statues of Mary, Our Lady of Fatima (I have one of these at home) and I think Our Lady of Guadalupe. Awesome, right?  Flanking the amazing picture are Cardinal Meyer on the left and Cardinal Cody on the right both of whom served as Diocesan bishops in the second half of the twentieth century. 
Try getting some work done with these guys watching you all day...

Day 269 {Friday Flashback}

It's time a for a birthday flashback--
My first birthday...and my second (I look like I'm afraid of my cake).
My fifth birthday (Unicorns? Really, Hope? Oh well, I was five. I must say that my grandma always did an amazing job decorating my cakes). And I'm pretty sure I'm rocking an Aladdin sweater. I owned every Disney movie ever made when I was younger.
My seventh birthday. I was already a baller. I must say that the half up side pony tail with the huge scrunchie really make the outfit. And the Kool-Aide on my face is a nice touch too -- along with missing pretty much all of my teeth!

24 February 2011

268th Day

i love asparagus. 

Day 268 {My Birthday!}

Scenes from my 22nd Birthday:

The threat of snow kept us in Monmouth, but we still had a blast at our long, long table where we had to shout to each other and had the craziest conversations that Pizza Hut/Wing Street has ever heard!

I love these two women to death! They are wonderful! And they bought my dinner -- and cake roll! =)

23 February 2011

267th Day

I realize I should have posted this yesterday, but I forgot it on my camera. 

In the library all day reading = study coma. The only cure? Ice cream!  
I was strongly urged to try a Shamrock Shake™ from McDonalds; I also sort of wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Frankly, I wasn't that impressed. Yeah, Grebner, hate me. 
Chocolate banana shakes will always reign supreme in my world. 

Day 267

For the past couple of weeks, I have been slaving away to write a grant proposal to get funding to put a rain garden on campus. So hopefully we'll get our funding and in a couple months this barren spot by Founders Village will be an awesome rain garden with all native Illinois plants!

22 February 2011

Day 266

Happy 278th Birthday, George!
(I remember learning this in kindergarten and being so excited that my birthday is so close to his!)

266th Day

Election day is also the end of quite the dynasty in Chicago.  
All the city's a twitter to find out who the next mayor will be! My vote is for Rahm. 

21 February 2011

Day 265

Yep, I know I'm lame. Second photo in as many days of reading. But it's seriously all I do lately. Forget my birthday on Thursday. If I can just make it through this week and next...then it's North Carolina time!

265th Day

Nifty notes. 

20 February 2011

264th Day

This umbrella came in very handy on this rainy, rainy day... until I had to walk along the Lake where no umbrella could withstand Mother Nature's wrath. 

Day 264

A Sunday night of reading (on my living room floor, of course...who needs furniture?). Wilkie Collins. Franz Kafka. And maybe a little Arthur Conan Doyle.

Day 263

This is Stella, my beautiful silver trombone (Yes, like A Streetcar Named Desire). I was in town for the weekend to see a friend from high school who has just gotten back from two years of mission work in Mexico, so I decided to stop by my high school to play in the pep band at a basketball game. It was a lot of fun to play with my sister! And then we were off to see The King's Speech. It was by far the best movie I have seen in years...years. Colin Firth gives the perfomance of a lifetime!

263rd Day

Two long time friends from home came to visit, one of whom had never before visited Chicago. We took in the sights and enjoyed the warmer weather and sunshine. 

The Chicago History Museum was a great place for a political science student and history teacher who did not hesitate to use the interactive bits of the awesome museum. 

18 February 2011

Day 262 {Friday Flashback}

The Hope and Maggie Story: We've been best friends since we were four. We rode our bikes to each other's house. We stayed up all night reciting all the lines to Forrest Gump and Grease. We cooked Ramen noodles every day during the summer when our parents weren't home. We ran on the track team and played in the band. We went camping (and I got chiggers). Then we grew up and went to different colleges and got busy. But now we're roadtripping to North Carolina for spring break in 2 weeks! I can't wait!

262nd Day

I love a good sunrise.

261st Day

I am a sucker for an antique and oddities shop and just couldn't resist going there with a new friend. I was especially intrigued by the old cameras. 

17 February 2011

Day 261

Research has officially taken over my life. It's a good thing I love it. It's one of my favorite things to do. The past couple nights I've been buried in books and newspaper articles on clergy women in the nineteenth century. Some of the articles in the New York Times are too funny! Like the one that argues that women shouldn't be pastors because they distract the male members of the congregation! Good stuff! I can't wait to start writing this paper!

16 February 2011

Day 260

Two bad habits: 1) Eating half of each Valentines chocolate and putting it back in the box. 2) Watching movies (Katharine Hepburn, of course. I got a new collection of her films for Valentines Day) when I really should be doing homework.

260th Day

This warm day is melting all the snow and makes the astro-turf field outside my apartment look a bit like a shallow lagoon. Also, at 5:40p.m. it was still sort of light outside!

15 February 2011

Day 259

We were supposed to be helping our dear friends, the lovely ladies of Alpha Xi Delta, move into their new house, but Jim and I couldn't resist a photo shoot by the fire place!

259th Day

I may or may not have an addiction to warm beverages and mugs. Give me a break - it's comps.

Day 258

The gym at MCHS was packed to show the Lady Raiders a little love during their Sectional Semi-Final against Sherrard. This was the only photo I took the entire game -- it was too close and too exciting! We were up at the half, but Sherrard rallied back in the fourth quarter to take the win. The Cinderella story may have ended, but my sister's team proved that they can run with the best! It was a sad night in our house knowing that there will be no more basketball games.

13 February 2011

Day 257

My valentines I made this weekend with my mama! Out of library cards! I know I'm a nerd, but I love them!

257th Day

Usually my computer is open almost all day, but I'm trying to limit the amount of time I spend in front of a screen. Yes, I fully understand the irony of having two blogs and using email as a primary form of communication, but I'm trying to not allow myself to get distracted by surfing the interweb. We'll see if I can uphold this challenge. 

Day 256

My first real meal in days. Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Peoria. Only I don't like burgers, so I had to go with a hot dog. And it was the best hot dog I've ever had.

12 February 2011

256th Day

After cleaning off all my books from our nook table I gladly set it for dinner. I love dinners you can laugh through and guests with whom you can share stories and play Two Truths and a Lie. 
Mine: I won Miss Congeniality in the Miss Pittsfield pageant. I was a Theatre major in college. I had a stutter when I was little. 

11 February 2011

255th Day

MC graduation May 2009
Chicago July 2010
I suppose I'm just in a thankful mood for the wonderful men in my life - yesterday my father, today my maternal grandfather.  Harry William Gleckler was born on this day in 1931 - today he is 80 years old and still as spry as ever (well, as much as an 80 year old who thinks he's still 25 can be). He's probably finished his breakfast by now and is out feeding cows this morning. The snow has sent the men inside, but soon spring will arrive and he'll not hesitate to jump in the tractor to plant. I love and admire his work ethic and dedication to farming. I am amused by his interest in everything and his sense of humor. I am envious of his storytelling abilities. Happy Birthday, Grandpa Harry! Grandfathers are a blessed thing.

Day 255 {Friday Flashback}

Last night, the underdog Midwest Central Lady Raiders stole the Regional title from Peoria Christian. Their first since 2001! So I have basketball on the brain. These are just a few photos from my high school career.
Congratulations, Hannah! I think the Peoria Journal Star said it best: "Lock your doors and hide your trophies, there's an underdog on the loose!"

# 32 like Magic.
I miss these girls!