25 February 2011

Day 269 {Friday Flashback}

It's time a for a birthday flashback--
My first birthday...and my second (I look like I'm afraid of my cake).
My fifth birthday (Unicorns? Really, Hope? Oh well, I was five. I must say that my grandma always did an amazing job decorating my cakes). And I'm pretty sure I'm rocking an Aladdin sweater. I owned every Disney movie ever made when I was younger.
My seventh birthday. I was already a baller. I must say that the half up side pony tail with the huge scrunchie really make the outfit. And the Kool-Aide on my face is a nice touch too -- along with missing pretty much all of my teeth!


  1. these are precious. i totally rocked a bulls jersey when i was about seven.

  2. I had a Bulls jersey too! Scottie Pippen all the way!