30 October 2010

152nd Day - my most historic day!

Today, I was a part of history. I attended my first rally ever, along with hoards, upon hoards of people on the Washington Mall in D.C. People of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, beliefs, religions, ethnicities, and ages answered the call made by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  We are Americans who are not extreme, who believe in healthy debate, who are fed up with nonsense and the lack of accountability in politics and the media, and who believe that we can change as a country.  We are a group that doesn't believe that the loudest voices are the only ones that should be heard.  If everyone is yelling, no one is listening, and therefore nothing can be done to fix the problems at hand.  Well, today we spoke our minds with our cleverness, our humor, and by our presence.  It was Amazing. 
This is where we began.  We slowly made our way to the front. 
                                 "for a reasonable tomorrow" - Shortly after we made it onto the Mall.
                                   This kid was living it up - so many photographs!
                                                       "All We Are Saying is Give Reason A Chance" - At 7th and Madison.
                                             By this point we can actually hear Stewart and Colbert.
SO MANY PEOPLE! We're almost to the Capitol. 

"What do we want? Reasonable Discourse.
When do we want it? Sometime in the not-too-distant future."

"Calm the f*ck down America"

"Palin Voldemort 2012" 

Back on the metro with my snazzy "Keep Fear Alive" button.  What an adventure!


  1. Jealous isn't a strong enough word...I don't know a strong enough word.

  2. It's so cool that you went. I'm glad you posted so many photos.

  3. I had more photos of some very clever signs, but those were my favorites. I'm glad you both enjoyed them.
    Hope, make up a word.

  4. I've got nothin'. I was going to blame my lack of vocabulary on the fact that I commented at 2:47 am, but I still can't think of anything. I've never been the Balderdash type.