29 December 2010

212th Day

Plop plop, fizz fizz.


  1. I want y'all to take note of TR in the background. The one and only time I made a
    Roosevelt purchase in DC.

  2. Hope: You're a good soul to push past your biases and buy what your friend would like. You're nearly saintlike to avoid the cheesy joke about some sort of relationship between the Alka Seltzer and the TR photo. :-)

    Paige: I'm sorry that you're feeling ill. I hope it doesn't last long. Most people take Alka Seltzer on the first day of the new year, not in the last days of the old. :-)

  3. bawahah. you're both sooo funny.
    Stacy, I hope this doesn't last long either. I told my roommate to stop blessing me because I was sneezing so often. Here's hoping a day in bed will kick it.