27 December 2010

209th Day

I spent some quality time with Adrian this morning. She loves catching snowballs.
 My dear mother sure knows how to throw a shin-dig. Halpin Christmas 2010 went off without a hitch. The Bears won. The Rams won. One epic snowball fight. Tons of food. If only my dear father weren't feeling ill.


  1. Thanks! I think we were both in need of a nap by the middle of the afternoon!

  2. And I don't think the bangs make you look more like your beautiful mother--less, in fact.
    I leave it to you to decide whether that's good or bad!

  3. Hehe. Well thank you, I think. Now the debate remains if they make me look younger or older... my friends from home can't decide - especially those who knew me when I was a youngin' with bangs.