26 July 2010

Day 55

On Sunday, I took the train up to the Second City to see the Cubs-Cards game with Paige. She's a Cards fan and it is a serious character flaw. I don't know if I can be friends with her anymore. I decided that I want to be the person who work puts the score up on the scoreboard, and I was excited to see my favorite player, Alfonso Soriano. The game went into 11 innings, but sadly, the Cardinals pulled out the win.


  1. I think you're so selfless to overlook what is not, as you wrote, an insignificant character flaw.
    Go Cubs.


  2. I must admit, it is quite difficult. It's a struggle every day. =)

  3. You two are incorrigible! I should be awarded for putting up with you both! Sorry to inform you, but there will be no conversion of this Cardinals fan. However, I must give you credit for behaving like the team you love so well. You never stop trying though you know deep down you haven't a chance. =D